The Next Behemoth

Worm Shepherd can be the next Behemoth.

(Side note: Part of the reason I made this site was to make more predictions, so I figure ones that aren’t about tech are okay too).

Behemoth, for those who don’t know, are a massively (for an extreme metal act) popular band from Poland. Nergal, their singer, was a judge on “The Voice” Poland, to put their popularity into context.

After hearing Worm Shepherd’s latest single, and having followed them for a while, I think they can be the next extreme metal band to reach that level of popularity. Nobody (other than maybe Shadow of Intent) has consistently nailed the immersion aspect of extreme metal that way that Behemoth do, but it looks like Worm Shepherd can.

Worm Shepherd already has a following where their fans aren’t people who like the band, but people for who liking the band is part of who they are. It’ll be interesting to watch the band’s trajectory over the next few years.