Fighting Mark Zuckerberg on Tren

Elon Musk is never going to fight Mark Zuckerberg, but if he did, what would he do to prepare for it (besides training)?

Given that the typical wardrobe for a “cage fight” is a pair of gloves and trunks, Elon’s massive ego is going to make him want to look as good as possible shirtless, but:

  • He’s clearly out of shape,
  • He’s taken a GLP-1 receptor agonist, which is likely muscle-wasting,
  • He’s on, at most, a therapeutic dose of TRT,

So he’ll need to do something drastic to put on muscle. Sure he could blast, but Elon is a busy person. He’ll want the biggest transformation in the smallest possible time. His cardio is hopeless anyway (see above: busy person), so that won’t be a factor in what compounds to deploy.

I predict that if Elon ever decides to fight Mark Zuckerberg, then he’ll be the first billionaire on Tren.